PhyLink uses an Analogy to Digital Converter (ADC) chip called ADS1118 plugged into Arduino UNO. Therefore, the host computer/device needs to be able to provide sufficient electrical power via USB cable to operate both.


Typical values (at 25 degrees Celsius) 

Input voltage range

+/- 2.048 Volts


+/- 256 mV

(max sensitivity)

Arduino sketch V10 V18
Max recommended input voltage 2V 2V
Absolute max input voltage! 5V 5V
Supply voltage (via USB) 5V ±0.2V 5V ±0.2V
Typical current (via USB) 48mA ±10mA 48mA ±10mA
Power consumption (via USB) 250mW ±50mW 250mW ±50mW
Baud 9600 1100
Differential input impedance 5 MΩ 700 kΩ
Offset error ±0.1 ±0.1
Gain error 0.01% 0.01%
Gain drift 5 ppm/°C 7 ppm/°C
Common-mode rejection ratio 100 105
Max samples per second (SPS) 860 860
Noise with 8 SPS 62.5 μV 7.81 μV
Noise with 64 SPS 62.5 μV 7.81 μV
Noise with 128 SPS 62.5 μV 7.81 μV
Noise with 860 SPS 62.5 μV 7.81 μV