PhyLink+ uses an Analogy to Digital Converter (ADC) chip called ADS1220 plugged into Arduino board. Therefore, the host computer/device needs to be able to provide sufficient electrical power via USB cable to operate both.

Typical values (at 25 degrees Celsius) 

Input voltage range

+/- XXX Volts


+/- XXX mV

(max sensitivity)

Arduino sketch K7 K11
Max recommended input voltage
Absolute max input voltage!
Supply voltage (via USB)
Typical current (via USB)
Power consumption (via USB)
Differential input impedance
Offset error
Gain error
Gain drift
Common-mode rejection ratio
Max samples per second (SPS)
Noise with 8 SPS
Noise with 64 SPS
Noise with 128 SPS
Noise with 860 SPS