Guide to selecting correct SERIAL PORT

Open the Arduino IDE and PhyLink sketch. Check if SERIAL PORT is the correctly assigned. The serial port for PhyLink (Arduino UNO) needs to be the highest. If another serial port is assigned you will not be able to receive measurement in the “Processing” code.

See example below, open Arduino sketch:

COM3 has been assigned to Arduino Uno but there is also a COM4 port that is used by another device. You need to change the serial port of Arduino and use something greater than COM4. (i.e. COM5).

Το do this we follow the following steps:

1) Type Device Manager in the Windows menu.

2) Select Ports->Arduino Uno

3) At the menu select “Action” -> “Properties”

4) Change the bits per second from 9600 to 1200. Then press “advanced”

5) Change from COM3 to COM5 (in this example)

6) Return to Arduino sketch and select the updated port. Upload your code.