Physense product survey offers survey respondents an opportunity share their opinions.

PhySense technology can be applied to many applications making it difficult to know where to focus effort. Input from the community would be really helpful in selecting which application we should develop first.

The product survey is helping to uncover users’ interests by providing a snapshot of the attitudes and activities of users.

Great potentialPossiblyTechnology too early stage to predictUnlikelyNo potential
PhyLink (universal bio-sensor)
PhyLink+ (high resolution ADC)
PhyLearn (wireless bio-sensor)
PhyControl (outputs + biosensor)
PhyBeats II (organic music creation)
PhyCode (bio-decryption)
PhyCode (bio-encryption)
PhyAir (air pollution monitor)
PhyDrink (water quality checker)
PhyMind (bio neutral network)