Introduction to PhyLink software
Please bear with us if you aren’t familiar with coding or technology as it will (hopefully) all make sense in the end.

There are TWO pieces of PhyLink software as follows:

piece of PhyLink software is Arduino sketch which lives in the micro-controller (Microchip ATmega328P) on the circuit board (Arduino Uno) as shown below.

This software converts the (analog) electrical voltages into digital and sends them to the computer via USB.

Your PhyLink unit comes pre-programmed so you don’t need to touch. However, if you would like to explore we’ve made the code open source so you can view or change. Any suggestions to enhance code welcome. If you want view or change the sketch the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) can be downloaded from The different versions of Arduino sketch can be downloaded here or GitHub

piece of PhyLink is software is Processing code which lives in the computer/device you are using, examples below:

PhyLink Processing code has been developed on a platform called ‘Processing’ which is compatible with most computing devices. It has two main functions:
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) for user
  • Analysis of the measurements (help make sense signals)
There are TWO versions of PhyLink Processing code you can install (on your computer/device):
  • self-extracting file (with ‘fixed’ functionality but easier to install)
  • open source Processing code (‘re-programmable’ but hard to install and use)
Both versions provide the same functionality but the ‘re-programmable’ version allows users to explore the open source code and change functionality. Any suggestions to enhance PhyLink Processing code welcome.
What does the user need to install

If you aren’t already experienced with programming your own code we recommend you install the ‘fixed’ version of PhyLink Processing code to become familiar with recording measurements and analysis. If you have an idea for extra functionality (connecting cheese plant to auto water system or allowing slime to talk to cactus) you can install ‘re-programmable’ version later.