If you have any current medical condition(s) such as asthma or any unknown/undiagnosed conditions that might be affected by mould/fungi we recommend you avoid all contact with mushrooms. Click here to review safety guidance before proceeding with any measurements.


Which species of mushroom have measurable electrical signals
Electrical activity has been measured in many mushroom species. The level of electrical activity is usually higher in faster growing species. For example, Oyster Pearl can grow very fast. 
There are lots of online sellers of mushroom growing kits. For example, searching for “Mushroom Kit” on Amazon generates over 1,000 hits.
Please be aware that mushrooms can sporulate (usually at the end of their life cycle). When this happens they can catapult their spores a considerable distance (several metres). Therefore, please ensure growing mushrooms are safely contained inside an enclosure at all times.

Oyster Pearl mushroom growing kit 
To see example of growing mushroom from kit click here.

Needle electrodes (with twisted cable) are available from medical suppliers but should only be used by trained and experienced personal due to risk of needle-stick injury.

GVB-geliMED (Germany)

unimed (UK)


Where to make electrical connections
A measurement can be done via electrical connections to main stalk/stem and cap. Then moniting for electrical signals.

For multiple measurements additional pairs of electrodes can be added.

Please note, differential (rather than single ended) inputs need to be selected  on instrumentation with multiple measurements.

Example mushroom recording

Click here for example records of electrical signals in mushrooms.


Mushroom signal analysis

For guidance on understanding electrical signals in mushrooms please click here.