ONLY registered users can upload files

If you aren’t registered and logged in the icon to ‘UPLOAD files’ is hidden, see below.

Click on ‘UPLOAD Files” to add files to community database.


Step by step guide to registering (free and simple)

Click on ‘User Registration’ icon and enter details








What if I’ve registered but can’t see ‘UPLOAD Files’ menu?

You may be logged out so click on ‘Login’ icon









If this don’t work please let the PhySense Team know and we’ll find a solution


Why the hassle of registration?

We would love to get ride of site registration but automated BOTS and malicious users would quickly fill the database with junk making it useless. If anyone knows a reliable way to prevent misuse without site registration we would like to hear from you.


Why link uploaded files to user email address?

(a) If we find a user has been filling the database with junk (SPAM, advertising, etc) we can easily delete everything they’ve uploaded to keep the database ‘clean’

(b) We’ll either warn or ban the user to prevent them uploading additional junk