The self-extracting version of PhyLink Processing software is easier to install than ‘re-programmable’ version which requires Processing IDE to be installed. However, you need to:
(a) select the correct file to be compatible with the operating system on your computer/device.

(b) be alert to the potential risk of virus attack from self-extracting files. Your operating system and/or anti-virus program may advise against opening self-extracting files from unknown source!

If you are given an infected file by another user please advise the PhySense team asap

Downloading self-extracting file

Self-extracting file (also called stand alone executable) of PhyLink Processing software (with ‘fixed’ functionality) can be downloaded here or GitHub


How to install self-extracting file

For step by step guide to installing self-extracting file click here.


Hardware comparability 

Most tablets don’t have a full size USB port so suitable cable (for example, micro USB to Type B USB) required to connect PhyLink hardware.

We are working on WiFi version to fix interfacing issues with iPads and smartphones.


Please note, it is no longer necessary to install Java to use Processing. Across all platforms, Processing uses its own copy of Java that’s embedded inside the application.