How to install Arduino IDE to edit PhyLink Arduino sketch (optional)
Visit Google and type “Arduino”, see below:

Click on the result as shown below:


Select the version of Arduino IDE suitable for your computer/device. For example, Windows installer as shown below:


At the next page you can choose to donate to Arduino community or just download the software, as shown below:

Choose the folder to download the executable and click the “Save” button, as shown below:


When the file is downloaded, double-click it at then press “Yes” to the administration privileges. At the next window press “I Agree”, as shown below:



At the next window click “Next”, as shown below:


At the next windows you can choose the destination path to install the Arduino IDE or you can leave it at the default one. Then click “Install” as shown below:


Finally, when the installation is completed click the “Close” button at the final window, see below:


The Arduino IDE has been installed in your computer/device.


PhyLink Arduino sketch
PhyLink Arduino sketch can be downloaded here or GitHub