Example plant recording in Faraday Cage
Plant signals were recorded and compared from open bench and inside Faraday Cage.
Four pairs of needle electrodes were inserted into main stems and branches of Vernena, see photo below. The electrodes were connected to four differential inputs on PICO ADC-24.


Open bench recording

Example waveform from Channels A, B, C and D see below:


Inside Faraday Cage

Vernena placed in the middle of Faraday Cage, see below:

The four pairs of needle electrodes (in stems and branches) were connected to differential inputs on PICO ADC-24 (analogue ground was connect Faraday Cage) see photo below:

Example waveform from Channels A, B, C and D see below:



Faraday Cage can be used to improve plant measurements by reducing background electrical noise. In the example recordings of Vernena (with the same electrodes and instrumentation) the amplitude of background noise was lowered.


Please note: basic Faraday Cage (made from aluminium foil) will not block all electrical noise and putting the plant inside a Faraday Cage blocks light which will affect results.