Q. What is Beta Testing?
A. Beta testing is sometimes referred to as user testing. In this phase of development, new technology is subjected to real world testing by the intended audience. The experiences of the early users are feedback into the design and changes are made before releasing more widely.


Q. What do we want to test?
A. PhySense technology under real world conditions.
Plus collect interesting measurements for analysis.



Q. What about equipment?

A. We’ll provide PhySense equipment (data logger, Petri dish, etc) but you’ll need your own computer and acquire slime from third party.



Q. What about software?

A. We’ll provide all the software which is free and open source (it runs on both PC and Mac). [We are working on Smart Phone version for PhyLearn which uses WiFi (rather than USB) data connection for classrooms but this is still under development].


Q. Who is the best person to Best Test?

A. Real users (you). We want to know if the equipment is easy to use, and contains actions that make sense. So if you find any areas that need improvement when it comes to ease of use, let us know and we’ll make changes.


Q. What’s the catch?

A. There isn’t one. Remember that what you’re testing is not the final product. So, despite careful planning, some things may not work first time or the instructions may be hard to follow.