Guide to viewing voltage with Arduino IDE SERIAL plotter

Install Arduino IDE software on you computer/device, see here for guide.

Install Arduino sketch on Ardiono UNO processor, click here to download.

Check you have Arduino board correctly connected by clicking on: ‘Tool’ and then ‘Port’ see example below:

Please note, you may be a different port number (i.e. not COM18) depending on your computer/device setup

Then click on: ‘Tool’ and then ‘Serial Plotter’ see example below:

The displayed signal with vary if crocodile clips open or closed circuit, see example below:


If you have a signal source available such as signal generator you can set to LOW voltage (say 0.1 Volts) and low frequency (say 0.1 Hz).

CAUTION! Don’t connect the PhyLink electronics to more than 2 Volt or the Analogue to Digital converter (ADS1118) could be damaged


To minimize electrical noise use the green lead (with plug & crocodile clip) to connect ground/negative of Arduino board to ground of signal generator as shown below:


Make a note of the number of the communication port (for example, Com 1, Com 2 …) allocated to PhyLink by looking under ‘Tools’ then ‘Port’ on Arduino IDE.